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Akashic Records 

Akashic Records have been accessed by many cultures throughout the history of the world. Rachel uses the Pathway Prayer Process to Access the Heart of the Akashic Records © as taught by Dr. Linda Howe.


Access Akashic life force to bring peace, love, and goodness.


Readings with Rachel may be initiated by sending an email inquiry. Rachel also hosts group Akashic Records readings on a regular basis which is a fun way to begin to explore this modality. 


What are the benefits of Akashic Records readings?


  • Awareness and perspective on issues that are confusing or cause distress.

  • You can learn how to release habits and patterns that do not serve you.

  • You can release blame in relationships and see the divine purpose for any situation.

  • The Akashic Records perspective helps us arrive at acceptance.

  • A reading represents a conscious interest in ongoing healing and transformation.

  • In readings you can access visions of your highest self.

  • A reading can be an energetic tune up.

  • You can experience emotional shifts which inspire you to make positive changes in your life.


What types of questions can be asked in a reading?


Inquiries about relationships, career, soul purpose, self-discovery, and self-improvement. What steps you can take to improve a relationship or situation. Questions about things you aren’t seeing which may be of benefit to know.


How are Akashic Records connected with healing?


Akashic Records are about ongoing healing and self-discovery. They support harmony and balance and can help restore this where it is needed. Accessing the records can shift how you see yourself, which changes how you treat yourself for the better. It can help you understand the root of a problem and different ways you might choose to interact with the problem.

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