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Mindset Coaching

You write the script of your life. Each day you tell yourself stories about what is happening in the world you interact with. Do you tell yourself something useful?


Rachel’s expertise is supporting you to work with the body, mind, language, and emotions to achieve the results and success you want in life. She works with business leaders and entrepreneurs from across industries and backgrounds. If you are certain that you are capable of more yet feel blocked from your next level of success working with Rachel may be for you.


Are you confident that you can do more in your life but

feel bored and stuck where you are?

Do you sense the world is missing out on the real you?

Are people not seeing what you are capable of and

the right opportunities are not landing?

Do you hold on to thoughts and patterns which you know hold you back?


Working with Rachel is a co-creation process to help you author a new way of being. Be prepared to take on stimulating assignments and accept responsibility for your transformation. Capacity for 1:1 coaching is limited, please inquire by email.

What clients are saying:

"Through working with Rachel, I have learned that I am in charge of the narrative of my life."

-Melanie, Entrepreneur, Boca Raton, 2020

"Rachel is an absolute pleasure to work with and her relationship centered approach to coaching is relaxed, supportive, and most importantly, effective. I highly recommend Rachel if you’re looking for a growth-focused coach."

-Lena, Head of Human Resources, Portland, 2019

Common Questions About Mindset Coaching


What is Mindset Coaching?


Mindset Coaching is for clients who have a particular interest in changing thought patterns, subconscious conditioning, and ways of behaving which do not produce the results they seek in business, relationships, and love. This process requires commitment to, and adoption of, empowering beliefs and practices. Rachel uses both ancient and custom meditations, mudras, and mantras to help clear out unhelpful patterns with her clients. Rachel believes that change of mindset is key in unlocking powerful new ways of thinking, enabling clients to enjoy life more deeply and redefine personal and professional success.


What is the benefit of Mindset Coaching?


When you have the ability and skill to change your mindset, ways of approaching situations, and behavior you have more adaptability, resilience, and acceptance of outcomes. Resilience gives persons an empowered way of living on the planet and magnetizes professional and personal attainment.


How does coaching work?


Coaching is a non-hierarchical relationship for the purpose of co-creation. Through deep listening the coach helps the client to see their life and challenges in a new way, gain clarity, and develop plans for action. It is a highly creative process which accelerates goal achievement. Rachel has completed training at the University of Miami and upholds the International Coaching Federation (ICF) standards and Core Competencies in her work. ICF represents the gold standard in professional coaching.


What can I expect from Mindset Coaching?


Rachel will partner with you to work on goal setting, goal clarity, planning, decision making, motivation, understanding barriers, accountability, and celebrating your success. Come prepared to see things in a new way, understand your perceived problems differently, and take more responsibility for what happens in your life. You come to Mindset Coaching because you want to invest in a more fulfilling life for yourself. You will have action items to complete between scheduled sessions and you should expect to work intently on what you set out to do.

What topics do people bring to coaching?

It is a wide variety, Rachel is most experienced with inner motivation, career development, communication skills, energy management, job changes, entrepreneurship, women in leadership, spirituality, and romantic relationships/dating. 

Does Rachel use assessments in coaching?

Rachel has knowledge in systems of astrology, tarot, Ayurveda, CliftonStrengths, Human Design, and Akashic Records. Depending on client interest these can be utilized with coaching to provide clients with greater self-insight and self-awareness. 


How much are coaching services?


Thank you for your interest, Rachel is not adding any new coaching clients at this time.


What are Rachel’s qualifications?


Rachel has practiced yoga, meditation, mudra, and mantra since 1998. She has received private instruction and continuing education on these topics throughout the years, as well as participating in holy pilgrimage to India. Her university training is in social sciences which includes sociology and psychology for her undergraduate education. She has more than 15 years of experience in business teaching adults with curriculum focused on leadership development. She trained with University of Miami for her Certified Professional Coach designation. Her work as a professional executive, leadership, and mindset-focused coach began in 2017.


How many clients does Rachel work with at a time?


Rachel is an executive in the healthcare sector and she sees clients internal to that organization, typically 2-3 at a time and then sees an additional 2-3 coaching clients through her independent practice Rachel Li Reflective Leadership. She is also available to facilitate small group coaching experiences for leadership teams or entrepreneurial groups.

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