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Rachel speaks to empower people to connect with their ability to lead themselves and others.

She uses her experience with breathwork, writing, and meditation to inform her keynotes. 

She speaks to business owners and leaders across industries at workshops, events, and conferences.

Past Engagements Include:

Cancer Survivorship Panel, Linfield University

Healthcare Career Pathways, Columbia Willamette Workforce Collaborative

Leadership Reflection, RA MA Business School

Boosting Executive Communication Skills with Micro Learning, Talent Management Alliance

Meditation as a Leadership Practice, UNION/PINE

Body Language for Success, Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center School-Based Health Center

Right Brain Workout: Harness the Power of Creative Thinking Through Play, Oregon Health & Science University

Mantra Meditation, Oregon Health & Science University President's Office

Nonviolent Communication, Lift UP

Religious Diversity, Unitarian Universalist Church

Spirituality at Work, University of Arizona

Bringing Faith to Work, Southwest Washington Human Resources Management Association

HR: Partner for Innovation, SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition

Health Benefits of Meditation Practice, Portland State University

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